Structure Options

Friction Tuck:

The sealing structure uses the friction between the tongue, dust flap, and the panels to achieve and maintain sealing, the sealing strength and reliability is in medium level which makes it suitable for small, lightweight daily necessities and pharmaceutical packaging.

Seal End:

The glued sealing structure with the panels attached to the flap stick together. Locking strength and reliability of the seal end structure is outstanding, suitable for assembly line packaging process.

Snap Lock Bottom:

Snap-lock bottom also called 1-2-3 closure, the bottom structure is simple, aesthetic and economic with strength and tightness, it is the most commonly used lock bottom structure and widely used in cosmetics, alcohol and food packaging.

Automatic Lock Bottom:

The automatic lock bottom refers to the body and the bottom of the box can be folded into a flat plate shape, and the bottom of the box can be automatically restored to the sealing status when the box stretched.